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One platform, endless potential built for you

An all-in-one point of sale platform built for new stores, single stores, multi-stores, and enterprise operators.

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New Store

Single store pawnshop owner. PawnMate Pawnshop Software

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Experience the Power of PawnMate

Faster Checkout. Eliminate Repetitive Tasks.

Unlock the true potential of multi-transactions on a single screen

Save time from repetitive pawn processes and workflows that you and your staff do everyday so that you can do more faster with less work.  One single screen so you can process any transaction all at once. 


Marketing Communication Center

Our chatbot assistant is designed to help you become more efficient and seamless by answering any questions you may have and helping you with tasks like creating blogs, writing Facebook and Instagram ads, customer review responses and more.

Create custom SMS Templates that you can use to send special messages for sales promotions, incentives, thank you and to get customer reviews. 

eCommerce direct sms messages allow you to send product links directly to your customers when they call in to inquire about a certain product. Making it simple for them to purchase online. 

Create custom email lists of customers and craft a message to blast out. Use it for promotions, announcements and more. 

Create custom SMS lists of customers and craft a message to blast out. Use it for promotions, announcements and more. 

Understand your customer demographics and send targeted marketing messages directly to specific customers. You’ll get insights like age, gender, race, occupation and more allowing you to send messages directly to your target.

Get more pawn and buy opportunities by having your customers text into PawnMate where you can text back and forth. Have them add images for you to review, add to your customer base and re-market to them.  

Automate messages based on when a transaction is completed. You can send a message based on a pawn, buy, renewal, retail, layaway and even an online purchase transaction.  Use it to build good will, increase your loans, and get more sales. 

You can do away with post-it notes and forget pieces of paper. Pawnbrokers can create ‘want lists’ to automatically notify customers of items they are interested in.  Your customers can create their own by using FastPawn. 

Turn your inventory even faster by automating your Pull List.  Market this as your VIP customer list and send them a list of new items that you put out in your showroom for sale automatically.  

Boost the number of reviews for your store by automating the review process.  Get notified if a customer isn’t happy and try to remedy the situation before they leave a nasty review. 

Our loyalty points program empowers pawn shops to cultivate deep customer loyalty through rewarding interactions. This tool transforms every transaction into an opportunity for you to offer your customers exclusive discounts and perks, ensuring repeat patronage. As customers accumulate points, their engagement and commitment to the shop intensify, turning them into vocal advocates for your business. This innovative program positions you at the forefront of customer loyalty, significantly enhancing your competitive edge and brand strength.

Acquire New Customers.

Grow Your Pawn Balance

Drive new pawn customers into your store and transform existing customer relationships with your own marketing communication center. Connected customers spend more, more often.

Time is Money. Manage both with Live On-Demand Reporting.

Integrated with leading-edge Accounting Solutions to make your life easier.

FreshBook Integration with PawnMate
Xero Integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Sage integration with PawnMate
Quickbooks integration with PawnMate

Sell More Stuff Faster. In-Store & Online.

Make More Money

Effortlessly post your inventory all over the web faster with just a few clicks so you can save time, reach more people and increase your revenue without increasing your costs and overhead.  Integrate with leading product feeds and distributors like Facebook, Google Shopping, RSR, Davidson’s and Quality Gold and fill your eCommerce store with sellable inventory.

Make more money. Sell your stuff faster with PawnMate
Integrate All Your Favorite Tools & Partners
eBay integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
BWI integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Mollie integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Twilio integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Eyeson Security Surveillance integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Facebook Shop and Facebook Marketplace integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
LeadsOnline Police Reporting integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Quality Gold Jewelry integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
PayPal integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
RSR Group Firearm distributor integrated with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
IBM Cloud integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Google Shopping integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
FortisPay in-store and online payment processing integrated with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Clearsale integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Davidson's Firearm distributor integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
California Pawn & Secondhand Dealer System (Capss) integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software
Fully integrated branded e-commerce store with PawnMate Pawnshop Software

One Click Away with Any Device.

Empower Yourself, Your Staff and Your Customers

It’s hard to walk away sometimes. Having access to your pawnshop when you’re away puts you in control and makes you feel like you’re still on the front lines. Access PawnMate from any connected device. Allow customers to make pawn payments, layaway payments, and buy your in-store inventory from their homes, offering both convenience and flexibility.

Powerful Protection for both In-Store and Online Transactions

Eyeson Security Surveillance integration with PawnMate Pawnshop Software

Eyeson Video Surveillance

Fully supported cloud-based surveillance provides complete transparency and accountability within your pawn store. Remote view from computers, tablets and cell phones. Control cameras, listen to audio, and zoom in. All transaction data such as Pawns, Buys, Sales, Voids and more is stamped on the video surveillance for easy retrieval.

PawnMate Pawnshop Software Online Fraud and Chargeback Protection

Online Fraud Protection

Never worry about being a victim of online fraud again. This is the only complete fraud solution that ensures you can approve every good order, stop every fraudulent order, and grow your e-commerce sales confidently and safely. Improve your KPIs, streamline your operations and deliver a better customer experience.

Experience the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

Increase Your ROI

Move forward and compare feature for feature with unlimited access and unparalleled product development and support. 

We offer a lot more for much less than the big competitors in the market. Guaranteed.

Total Cost of Ownership

Pricing is based on 4 workstation store with 2500 SMS/Email Sent, Online Payment Fees and eBay/eCommerce Sales of $10,000 per month

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Complete Compliance Control

PawnMate Pawnshop Software Online Fraud and Chargeback Protection

IRS 8300

A powerful tool designed to simplify your financial compliance process like never before! Our state-of-the-art software meticulously monitors your cash transactions, intelligently identifying connected transactions that reach the crucial $10,000 threshold. No more manual tracking or worrying about missing crucial IRS reporting requirements. With real-time alerts, you’ll always be a step ahead, ensuring your business is in compliance.

PawnMate Pawnshop Software Online Fraud and Chargeback Protection


Unparalleled security and compliance with our OFAC SDN List Alert and Confirmation feature. This powerful tool gives you the confidence to conduct business safely and responsibly. Our sophisticated system scans your customers against the OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List, promptly alerting you of any potential matches. You can mitigate the risk of engaging in business with sanctioned individuals or entities, ensuring you remain compliant.

PawnMate Pawnshop Software Online Fraud and Chargeback Protection


Compliance is critical when it comes to sending SMS & Email messages for pawn loans and marketing promotions. Failure to adhere to applicable regulations can result in severe consequences, such as heavy fines, legal action, and reputational damage. Stay compliant with regulations when sending SMS and Email messages.  You need explicit consent before sending messages to comply with regulations and PawnMate has the perfect process.

No new hardware needed.

Save your money and invest it where it counts

Imagine not having to invest in new hardware when you switch your Point of Sale software. PawnMate is hardware agnostic which is a fancy way to say that we play well with others which allows you to use your current hardware you already own.

Need answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

The self-starter. The new entrepreneur that wants to implement the latest in technology.  The single store operator who is tired of old software and wants something that will help you grow and be competitive. 

And for the multi-store pawn shop leader who wants a feature-rich, easy to scale platform for their growing enterprise. You can count on us to have your back. 

This is highly unlikely. You'll know you made the right decision from the moment you start your onboarding process with PawnMate. However, if you are a person that is not fond of simple technology feature-rich pawn shop software, then you can cancel and we won't hold it against you. 

We don't just have a guarantee... we have the ONLY guarantee in the industry.  That's right. No other company will guarantee their platform. 

We guarantee a 60-day Full Money Back - 100% refund, which means you can test drive us for a full 60 days risk free, and if you don't like us, then you can simply email us and we'll refund your money right away.

We guarantee your success! Once you're a client of PawnMate, you'll have around-the-clock support from our team of experts who are there to help answer questions and give you the best advice on how to implement PawnMate in your pawn shop business.

Honestly, we’ve been told to increase our prices but why do that.  We want everyone to experience the power of PawnMate. You have the option of choosing between three different packages Lite, Suite and Ultimate. Which one for you depends on the features you’re looking for.  Looking for a proposal? Get one sent to you. 

Yes, we can migrate your data.  There hasn’t been any software yet that we haven’t been able to migrate.  Now, of course there are always exceptions to the rule.  You can expect to receive almost all your historical data (we don't limit it to 3 years like some competitors do). You'll get active pawns, active buys, layaways and layaway payments, sellable inventory, gun log and more.  To find out exactly what you’ll get with the software you’re using now, please schedule a quick demo

Tall, dark and handsome.  Oh, you mean what can you expect from our support?  Sorry.  Our goal is to make sure we answer your support request within the first 15 minutes.  You can create a support ticket directly within PawnMate which then notifies everyone that you need help. Now, if it’s a critical issue then please don't wait, just give us a call.  We even answer support tickets on the weekend so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Yes, yes and yes!  Our reports determine cash transactions over $10,000 threshold, along with suspicious activity. Alerts get triggered for names that appear on the FBI OFAC SDN list which you then confirm the person's identity. 

Only if you want to spend your hard earned money on new equipment.  We don’t force you to buy any equipment, from us or anyone else for that matter.  You see, PawnMate is unique and what is called agnostic.  This is a fancy term to mean we play well with everyone.  You should be able to use your current printing equipment.  Typically we will only need to adjust ticket and label sizes.  However, we do offer a recommended equipment list which you can access.

Of course you can.  We help Buy/Sell, Consignment, Jewelry stores and Firearm Dealers.  Schedule a quick call and we can answer any questions you have. 



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Recommended Hardware List

Keep in mind most printing hardware should work out of the box, so we are not limited to this list only.  Note: The fingerprint scanner and signature pad must be the brands you see in the list. 

First, we recommend Windows 10 operating system or higher with Google’s Chrome browser installed.  

Ticket Printer
Any standard brand name ink or LaserJet Printers such as HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother will work… Color is recommended, but B&W is fine.

Sales Receipt Printer
Any standard brand name model such as Epson, Brother, Citizen, or Star printer.

Label Printer
Any standard brand name Dymo, Zebra, Epson, Brother, or Citizen printer.

Jewelry Tag Printer
Any standard barbel/rat tail printer from Zebra.

2D Barcode Scanner
Honeywell Voyager 2D 1400g or any brand name 2D barcode scanner.

Fingerprint Scanner
SecuGen Hamster Pro 20

Signature Pad
Topaz Systems SigLite T-S461-HSB-R or any model of Topaz.

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