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Not that long ago pawn shops didn’t have to worry about having inventory in multiple sales channels.  They only had to worry about their bricks and mortar.

That’s no longer the case if you want to be competitive in the marketplace.

A large majority of pawn shops are adding their inventory into their own e-commerce stores and marketplace sites like eBay and craigslist just to name a few.

This has given pawn shops a huge opportunity to grow their businesses and expand outside their geographic territories but not without some of the challenges that come with it.

Managing inventory across multiple channels without a unified system is a complete headache and time-consuming process riddled with huge gaps for reporting errors.

Depending on the volume of business you’re doing, selling in multiple channels might not be worth it financially unless you have the volume to support it.

A cool pawn shop in Detroit said after they sat back and thought about how much time they spend categorizing the products, taking good pictures of them, writing a detailed description, setting the price and posting them, it just wasn’t worth it to them.

Click the image below to watch a video on posting to your ecommerce website.

Until we introduced our unified inventory system.

PawnMate integrates seamlessly with your own eBay store and we create a beautiful, mobile responsive e-commerce store branded for your pawn shop. Both the e-commerce store and eBay are fully integrated with your complete inventory.

You have one place where you go to manage your inventory and that’s it. Accurately tracking and reporting on everything along with way. Completely streamlining your process with customer management, products, shipping, payments, returns and especially communication.

Having a unified inventory system allows you to expand and grow outside your borders with confidence and assurance that everything is in place.

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