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Google maps for pawn shops and ranking your pawn shop is a pretty simple process to understand.  Follow the 9 Steps I reveal below and you’ll be ranking in no time. 

Ok, so normally when I ask clients about Google Maps I get a blank stare.  Now, it’s not their fault…lol.

Most of us know that Google Maps exist, but do you know that you can help rank your pawn shop ahead of your competitors with Google Maps…?

So for the pawn shop newbies, Google Maps is what shows up at the top of the search results page that have the name, address, number and maybe directions, reviews and pictures.


Google Maps For Pawn Shops Results

how to rank your pawn shop in google maps |

how to rank your pawn shop in google maps |


The name, address and number are considered your NAP.  Make sense – right?  

Your NAP is very important.

NAP is how Google identifies that different properties are talking about your site, and in turn how it decides to rank it.  The NAP needs to be as consistent as possible.

NAP Example:

Mike’s Pawn Shop

4510 Rhodes Dr. Suite 730

Windsor, ON N8W 5K5



Now that you understand what your NAP is, you need to make sure it’s on your website.  This should be at the top header or bottom footer.

The next step in optimizing your website is to have Google Map embedded somewhere on your site.  To do this you go to search for the address of your business, click share, then click embed.  Copy the embed code and place in a page on your website.


Google Maps Pawn Shops

how to rank your pawn shop in google maps

how to rank your pawn shop in google maps


The last step to optimizing your website for Google Business is ranking Schema.  Schema is a complex topic and could be a training manual itself so I am not going to go into detail.  ALERT: You may need a web developer for this part.  Now it’s not difficult but if you never worked with code on your website you might not want to touch it. 

Go ahead and copy, change the details and add to your website above the </head> tag.

Code Template to Use

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
“@context”: “”,
“@type”: “LocalBusiness”,
“address”: {
“@type”: “PostalAddress”,
“addressLocality”: “YOUR CITY HERE”,
“addressRegion”: “YOUR STATE/PROVINCE HERE”,
“description”: “YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE”,
“telephone”: “YOUR PHONE NUMBER HERE”,
“openingHours”: “Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa, Su 00:00-23:59”,
“geo”: {
“@type”: “GeoCoordinates”,
“latitude”: “YOUR LONGITUDE HERE”,
“longitude”: “YOUR LATITUDE HERE”
“sameAs” : [ “”,


That’s about it for your site.  

Now onto Google My Business Setup

This is one of the most important things to get right. Nothing else matters if you don’t nail this.  

To sign up for Google my business is a fairly simple process.  Go to

Sign up with a gmail account you want to use.  Follow the steps and add your business.  You’ll need to verify your Google listing.  Normally they will give you a few options like receive the code by phone, by SMS and by mail.  If you can choose phone or SMS then that’s the quickest way.  If not, you’ll be waiting for 7 to 10 business days before getting full use of your page.

When your done getting verified by Google you’ll login to your dashboard and it will look something like this.


Google My Business

google my business for pawn shops

google my business for pawn shops

You’ll want to pay attention to a few things in your dashboard.  One, notice your NAP at the top left. Again, make sure it’s correct and use the same NAP for other places on the web.

Make sure you optimize your Google My Business Page with as many pictures and videos that Google will allow.  If you don’t have any, then take your phone and walk around your pawn shop taking a video, walking people through a tour of your pawn shop.  Take pictures and maybe ask a few customers to pose for a picture.  The more, the merrier. 🙂

Now before you upload the images, you’ll want to make sure you geo-tag them.  Geo-tagging is attaching GPS coordinates, the latitude and longitude to your images so it shows up for local based searches. You can try this free tool to geotag your images: or this one


Geotagging Your Images

geotagging your pawn shop images

geotagging your pawn shop images


Step #2 Building Strong Foundation Citations


If you’re not sure what citations are, there any website other than yours that has your NAP and a link back to your website. These build a network of powerful sites that tell Google that you have a legitimate business.

Foundational means high authoritative websites like,, Yelp, Facebook, Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce.

You can go ahead and add your NAP to these sites, and you should do one or two, but the rest and how many you want to add, it might be better to outsource this job.  

To outsource you can simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to a service based out of Canada that builds citations for businesses around the world.  They are very well known and is trusted in the industry.  Learn more about Whitespark


Step #3 Competitor Citations Analysis


Here’s some power for you.  Who doesn’t want to know that what their competitor is upto.  You want to copy the good, and leave the bad on what strategies your competitors are using.  Go ahead and use Google search to find who’s in the top listings.  Use “product/service/industry” and “Your City and Province/State”.  Check out the top 3.  

Now an easier way to do this is from the same service as I mentioned above.  Go ahead and learn more about Whitespark if you haven’t already.  It’s super inexpensive.


Whitespark Citation Finder and Builder



Step #4 Custom Google Maps


Custom Google Maps for your pawn shops is a straight forward and powerful strategy to help rank in Google Maps and it will also help you rank your website organically.  You can go ahead and search on YouTube to teach you how to create custom maps.  

Simple you can go visit here and click create a new map.  Name it your keyword or a variation of.  Don’t forget to include your address and description.  Make sure you make it public too.

Reach for as many as possible.  I know it sounds crazy, but don’t stop at 100.  This is the case where the more, the merrier.  


Step #5 Google Reviews


These little reviews, although sometimes a pain to manage, is one of the most powerful ranking factors for Google.  You want to get as many reviews as possible.  Getting more than 5 will showcase the yellow stars in your listing which draws attention to attract new customers to your pawn shop.  

Now sometimes it’s difficult getting customers to write reviews for your business on Google.  Typically the friction has to do with the number of steps someone has to take in order to write a simple review.

Watch the video here on how you can create a link to send your customers directly to the page where they choose the stars and write the review.  Simple and quick!


Click the Image to Watch a Video on How to Setup Google Reviews

get reviews for your pawn shop easily

get reviews for your pawn shop easily


Step #6 Local Authority Site Linking


This is simple but costs the most money.

This is where you need to register for the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and any local charities that you support.  Think of different organizations and clubs like the Rotary.


Step #7 Exact Match Anchor Text from Private Blog Networks and Guest Posts


Ok, so this is really, really time consuming and sometimes it will cost you some cash.  I personally suggest hiring this out.

Essentially, it’s about building external blogs that point to your site with the exact anchor texts keywords that you want to rank for.  Anchor text could be your NAP after a blog post or comment that if clicked would bring you to your website.  Same holds true for doing a guest blog post on a industry website for example.  

Be careful with these.  You don’t want too many links to look like it’s spam or junk, but not too little that it has no impact.


Step #8 Embed Your Maps


Google Maps Embeds is one of the simplest steps in ranking your pawn shop.  Go to Google Maps to retrieve the embed code for your business.  Then create posts on web2.0s and PBNs using your keyword as the title, include a link to your map with the NAP as the anchor text, and embed your map.  


Step #9 Google Map Stacking


Ok, so this is the final step and is pretty new but really powerful.  Google Map Stacking is about having many online profiles and google business pages like google+, YouTube etc speaking to one another, actually connected together.

If done right it has amazing results but if done wrong, it could have a negative affect.

There it is.  

Above you is the road-map to ranking in google maps.  Plus it’ll help you rank organically too.  

Go ahead and share or comment below.  Let me know what you think.


Mike d


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