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Facebook Ad Profit Formula for Pawn Shops

Have you experienced Facebook Ad failure?

A lot of pawn shops have tried Facebook ads but with no luck, costing thousands of wasted ad dollars.  There is a guaranteed Facebook Ad Profit Formula for Pawn Shops. 

Five Area’s to check for Failure in Facebook Ads

  1. Offer stinks.
  2. Customer targeting sucks!  
  3. Facebook image is not consistent with your landing page.
  4. Landing page and website are completely ugly and not trustworthy.
  5. Audience isn’t warmed up.

What if I told you that there’s a guaranteed facebook profit formula you could use BEFORE placing your Facebook Ad so you could figure out how to run a profitable facebook ad?

Typically we are looking for a 2:1 return on your ad spend to start.  Meaning, if you give me one dollar, and I give you two dollars, would you be happy?  Answer…YES.  Now this is a bench mark that you start with. 

Not only will this profit formula tell you what you need to be profitable, it will also let you know where you need to fix your process in order to become profitable.

Here is formula:

Optimization Metrics

  • CPC
  • CTR
  • Relevance Score (FB Metric)
  • Conversion Rate on Landing Page (optin)
  • CPL
  • Conversion Rate on Sales Page (sales)

Bottom Line Metrics

  • CPA
  • AOV

You need to work backwards in-order to figure out your target ad spend to profitability your CPA is less than your AOV, then you have a winning ad that you can scale and make a ton of money. 

I teach all this and more in our FREE training webinar called Facebook Ad’s Mini-Bootcamp for Pawn Shops where I teach you all about running a successful Facebook Ad campaign.

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