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Data Migration for a Pawn Shop is a pain in the butt is a statement I hear from pawn shops across US and Canada.

Some of these stories are crazy too!

Now as I call and listen to the concerns, all valid, I share our story of how we started in the pawn shop software business so they can get a feel of who we are.

I don’t want to bore you with details, (to learn more about PawnMate) but over the past 15 years we’ve been developing and marketing custom software and web platforms for various companies in industries such as HVAC, AUTO MANUFACTURING, ENERGY and RETAIL.

All wanting the same thing when it comes to their data.

Having the ability to manage their complete database and be able to export it at any time so it can be used for various reasons. We recommend one critical habit to get into is backing up your data every night after hours. Besides storing it locally, you should also store an extra copy in the cloud. Just in case of a fire, hydro outage or hardware failure.

As self-proclaimed database experts, we follow the best practices and database principles when it comes to creating, managing and securing your data.

Now we’ve pretty much seen it all and have provided data migration for pawn shop software vendors from most of them like



Pawn Power

and more.

So as I mention to people I speak with, data migration is no joke and needs to be taken very seriously but understand we’ve been doing this forever and for some of the biggest names out there.

It’s different when you’re working with experts you can trust.

We offer our One-Click Migration Service.

You can upload your backup data here and we will have a look and let you know if we’ll be able to do it with just one click.