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American Jewelry and Loan Continues Pawn Innovation with PawnMate

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American Jewelry and Loan - Les and Seth

Les and Seth Gold, stars of hit reality TV show, Hardcore Pawn, innovate Pawn Industry again with creation of first-of-its-kind mobile pawn system named FastPawn.

American Jewelry and Loan Continues Pawn Innovation with Mobile Pawn System “FastPawn”

International Stars of Hit Reality TV Show, Hardcore Pawn, Continue to Innovate Industry

DETROITApril 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — American Jewelry and Loan, the internationally recognized Detroit pawnshop owned and operated by father and son team, Les and Seth Gold, announce the launch of a new mobile pawn system, “FastPawn” by PawnMate Inc. The system allows customers the ability to renew loans or make loan/layaway payments, cash-free, from the convenience of personal smart phones and computers.  American Jewelry is also tackling in-store convenience by launching a first-of-its-kind, in-store, self-service kiosk that allows customers to renew loans, make layaway payments and pick up items in pawn faster and easier.

The self-service kiosk, the first at any pawn shop, is available at American Jewelry and Loan’s iconic Detroit location and was the brainchild of Seth Gold, in conjunction with PawnMate Inc., a pawn shop software company located in nearby Windsor, Ontario. Together, they developed the software and custom-engineered the kiosk as an intuitive, and easy-to-use portal to help save customers time and facilitate self-service transactions which do not require waiting in line for an associate.

“While we love seeing our customers in any of our three metro Detroit stores, FastPawn is all about providing our customers with the next level of customer service and greater convenience,” said Seth Gold. “Service and satisfaction are critical for every successful business, and the pawn industry should be no exception. Our new mobile platform and self-service kiosk make it even easier for our customers to do business with us, and encourages on-time loan payments,” Gold added.

According to the latest survey by the FDIC, 8.4 million households in the United States are unbanked, and nearly 24.2 million are under-banked— meaning the household has a checking or savings account but also obtained financial products and services outside of the traditional banking system.  For these individuals, the financial services provided by respected companies like American Jewelry and Loan are critically important. The FastPawn system makes accessing pawn services easier for all customers, including those with transportation challenges.

FastPawn is available online at

About American Jewelry and Loan
Les Gold, a third-generation pawnbroker, opened his first American Jewelry and Loan store in Oak Park, Michigan in 1978. In 1993 the store moved to its current location, a former 50,000 sq.ft. bowling alley in Detroit at Eight Mile and Greenfield. In 2016 American Jewelry and Loan expanded to three stores, all located in Southeastern Michigan with additional stores in Pontiac and Hazel Park. Les and his son, Seth Gold, gained international fame from the hit reality show Hardcore Pawn, which premiered in 2010 and ran for nine highly successful seasons.