We are Custom Software Development Professionals who strategically aligned ourselves with leading Pawn Shops in the Detroit-Windsor Corridor.

Our journey into the wonderful world of Pawn Shops and Software started in 2014 with a local 2 store operation who approached us to help build them custom pawn shop software.  From there we acquired a 4 store operation and expanded PawnMate.

You see, this 4 store operation, like most pawn shops in North America, found that the current software on the market was lacking critical items.

We’ve been in the custom software and web development business for over 15 years. As the go-to company to help build software platforms that automate businesses, we quickly grew and been very fortunate to help various industries such as retail stores, jewelry stores, service co’s, auto manufacturers, online e-commerce stores and financial service businesses to name a few.

After a few meetings and some in-depth research we started building the ultimate pawn shop platform for shops across Canada and the US.

Our goal is to build the most powerful pawn shop platform on the planet so that pawn shops of any size can truly benefit.

Now after our platform was built and we acquired 8 out of the 9 shops in our city, we started calling pawn shop owners across North America to see if some stores would be interested in learning what’s new on the market.

To our amazement we found that almost everyone was looking for another option and appreciated the phone call.

We believe it’s the most powerful pawn shop platform on the planet that is simple to use, affordable and scalable to meet your needs.

We hope you enjoy!

PawnMate Team.